Portland-raised, Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter Eddie Gomez, whose soulful roots mixed with contemporary elements of modern music have helped Eddie refine his distinct sound. While some pursue a path in music because of their natural talent in it, others seem to have a long family line of professional musicians before them. One way or another, musical expression always seems to make sense for them. Gomez on the other hand, never having had a background in music or any particular ability in the art of songwriting (that he knew of), somehow has continuously been carving out a little niche in the music world for himself. “Part of the reason I fell in love with music is because it’s never come easy to me. I’ve always had to find a way to make it work“, and it seems to be working. With every project Eddie releases, it’s as if you can hear him growing out of his musical cocoon, getting stronger and more complex with each song. “As hard as something may be for me, my goal is to always find a way to make things sound simple and relatable”. An artist with a vision and a plan is seldom found these days. In an era where content is “king”, it gets harder to find artists who focus on quality rather then quantity. “In order to be successful in what you do, sometimes you have to be willing to disappear for a while and work quietly and I am excited to show everyone what I’ve been working on.” It’s safe to say that we can expect new music from him soon, and you can’t help but be curious to hear what he’s been brewing up in the lab.